7 Layer Mediterranean Dip

Who doesn’t love a 7 layer dip?  Beans, sour cream, guac, salsa, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and cheese …. yummm!!  But have you ever tried a layered Mediterranean dip?  I recently saw this on Pintrest and immediately was intrigued to try it out.  We had a backyard birthday barbecue (try saying that 3 times fast!) to go to last month so I decided what better way to test it out!

This has to be one of the EASIEST recipes ever.  You literally just need to chop a few items and layer everything in a clear dish.  All you need is some Tzatziki, hummus, an English cucumber, red onion, tomatoes (I used cherry), black olives and Feta cheese.

IMG_2544 I started off by layering in the hummus in an even layer at the bottom of my dish and then followed with a layer of tzatziki.
IMG_2545 IMG_2546

I then finely diced the red onion, chopped up half of an English cucumber and cut the cherry tomatoes in quarters and added a thin layer of each ingredient.
IMG_2549 IMG_2550 IMG_2553

I then sprinkled some black olives over everything.  I ended up using canned olives because that is what I had on hand, but next time I would definitely opt for the ones that you can pick up in the deli section of your local supermarket.

Finally, I topped it all off with feta cheese crumbles.  I also decided to drizzled some good quality extra virgin olive oil and some dried oregano to really intensify the Mediterranean flavours.

And that’s it!  Super easy, simple and not to mention a complete crowd pleaser!  The thing that I love about this dip is that it is a perfect make-ahead app and transports easily.  I served the dip with whole wheat pita triangles but you can also use tortilla chips or veggies.  And IF you have any leftover (which I highly doubt you will!) you can use the dip to make yourself a grilled chicken pita pocket the next day.

So the next time that you’re entertaining or need to take an app to a party, ditch the old nacho and salsa platter and opt for this fresh and flavourful 7 Layer Mediterranean Dip!

If you have any quick and easy recipes, or think that I should try something out, leave me a comment below.  I’m always looking for new eats!

Well, until next time!




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