Fruït Ÿogurt

Baby Z is 9 months now and we started to introduce dairy into his diet.  He loves eating yogurt and cheese and so far so good!!  If you’ve been following my blog or Instagram you’d know that I’m a DIY kinda gal – making things myself…I’m all about that life!

So no wonder when it came to giving Z fruit yogurt I opted to make my own.  I wanted to be able to control the quality of ingredients and the amount of added sugar.  I start off by taking a few tablespoons of Greek yogurt and put it in a blender, topped it off with some pieces of fruit and buzzed away.  I usually make 3 varieties, raspberry, blueberry and mango.

fruit yogurt (1) fruit yogurt (2) fruit yogurt (3) fruit yogurt (10) fruit yogurt (5) fruit yogurt (7) fruit yogurt (8)

I put the different flavours in 2oz containers by OXO, label them using some masking tape and pop them in the refrigerator.  Opa!!  It’s that simple!

fruit yogurt (9)

Making your own fruit yogurt literally takes seconds.  It’s ridiculous how much money we end up spending on pre-made cups when all we need to do is grab a tub of your favourite Greek yogurt, and throw in a some fruit that you probably already have laying around the house.

So next time you are perusing the dairy aisle, skip the ready made stuff and go for the plain tub of Greek yogurt instead.  There are endless possibilities of what you can do with some good quality ingredients and a blender.  If you decide to buzz up some of your own yogurt, leave me a comment down below with your favourite fruit combo.

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