Garlic Please!

Let’s face it, we all have a love-hate relationship with the one and only garlic. The pungency that it gives when freshly chopped, or the sweet, smooth taste that lingers on your tongue when it’s all said and done – however, no one likes it when your hands stink and smell of raw garlic. So here is a quick and simple trick that will not only help you unravel those sweet jewels but also keep your paws smelling squeaky clean!

This is a trick that I learned from my grandmother growing up. I remember spending my summers peeling endless cloves so that she could make homemade, freshly chopped garlic to use when cooking.

This can be done with a full head of garlic or even if you have a few unpeeled cloves. Using a large knife, gently press down on the garlic to loosen the skin.

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Then transfer all of the garlic into any bowl that has a lid to it (preferably plastic).

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Now for the fun part! You can even get your little ones involved for this. Shake it … shake it … shake it!

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TA-DAAA! By shaking the bowl vigorously for a few minutes, the skin will loosen and fall right off leaving you with perfectly peeled garlic! If you open the container and find that there are a few pieces that still have some peel left on them, just pop that lid right back on and start shaking it again!

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My grandmother would let me and my sisters do this all the time when we were little! We would often have a race to see who could shake the container the fastest and have the most peeled cloves of garlic! Talk about entertainment on a budget! LOL! 😉

And here’s another tip for when you chop up the garlic and it leaves your hands smelling like you’ve been peeling garlic for days! Grab any stainless steel utensil that you have, I just use a serving spoon, and as you are washing your hands with soap, rub the spoon all over your hands and the smell will disappear instantly! There are also many kitchen supply stores that sell small bars of stainless steel to mimic the look of soap to also get the job done.

Now…here’s your science lesson for the day:

The reason that stainless steel helps remove the smell of garlic from your hands is because garlic contains sulfur. When you work with garlic, the tiny molecules get transferred to your skin, and when you wash your hands, water causes the sulfur to transform into sulfuric acid, causing your hands to smell even more! So when you wash your hands using stainless steel, the molecules in the steel bind all of the sulfur molecules from your hands and shift to the metal …  voila!

And here’s a bonus … the same can go for when you are working with onions and fish! Just like that, no more smelly hands that seem to linger on forever! So the next time you decide to throw it down like an Iron Chef in the kitchen, remember these quick and simple tips and I promise that you will look like a pro!

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