Spring Cleaning – Baking Organization Hack

Spring is in the air…. well it was until we were hit with this crazy storm yesterday!!!  But we all know that ‘spring’ usually means spring cleaning, decluttering and organizing our lives!!!  Since it was March Break last week, I decided to use my time wisely by binge watching The Fall on Netflix, which btw if you haven’t seen you should – oh and of course tackling my baking cupboard that DESPERATELY required A LOT of TLC!!

I love baking and am known for randomly whipping something up on the spur of the moment so that means that I’m not as orderly as I should be.  It’s something that I’m working on and now that I’ve reached my ‘baking organization goal’ hopefully it will stick!

So here is the before shot of my baking cupboard.

Baking Organization As you can see it is horrible!!  Things are everywhere, unorganized and literally falling off of the shelves!

I decided to buy some 1 litre mason jars from Walmart to help organize everything.  It would not only make the cupboard look organized and uniformed but I would also be able to see quickly which ingredient(s) I’m running low on when I go grocery shopping.

Baking Organization
Once I filled everything up, I used some Avery round stickers to print out labels for everything. Quick Tip: As you are filling up the jars, use a sticky note to quickly jot down what the ingredient is so you don’t get mixed up.

Baking Organization Baking Organization
I chose a design, printed it out and stuck it to the front of the jar.

baking organization baking organization

As I was putting everything back, I wanted to elevate the back row but didn’t have any risers.  We had some 2×4 pieces of wood leftover from another project so I decided to use that and it fit perfectly!

baking organization baking organization baking organizationOh and here’s another tip for you.  Place a marshmallow in your brown sugar jar or bag and it will help keep it soft.  Since the marshmallow holds a lot of moisture it will prevent your brown sugar from hardening on you.  Cool eh?

keeping brown sugar soft
And there you have it!  A quick and easy DIY spring cleaning hack that cost me less than $20! Everything is neat, organized and pretty so it forces me to keep it that way!

baking organization
What are some spring cleaning projects on your list or organization hacks that you use?  I’d love to hear them so leave it in the comments section below!

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