Pear Puree

Crisp, sweet pears make excellent first foods for babies.  Pear puree is my usual ‘go to’ fruit because it is so fast and easy to prepare and it freezes really well.

For this recipe, you will need 3-4 medium to large sized pears peeled.  I then cut them in half before quartering them.

PEAR (10) PEAR (11)

Once I have quartered them, I hold my knife at a 45 degree angle to cut into the pear to remove the core.  You could also use an apple corer to help you but I like to do this part by hand so that I minimize the amount of flesh being cut out.

PEAR (12)

After they are prepared, I cut them into 1-inch chunks and place them in a steam basket.  Over medium-high heat I bring a 1/4 cup of water to a boil and drop the basket inside.  I always sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon and add a pinch of nutmeg to the pears to add extra flavour.  I then pop on the lid and let the pears cook until they are fork tender.  This usually takes anywhere from 5-6 minutes.

PEAR (13)

Once they are ready, I remove them from the heat and allow them to cool a little bit before I place them in the blender to puree along with the reduced steaming liquid.  Now, I have transferred the pears straight from the pot to the blender without letting them cool for a bit … 😐 … let’s just say that it made for a big clean up, a load of laundry and some polysporin.

pear (5)

pear (6)

I puree the pears until they are smooth and that there are no more lumps.  I then portion out 1-oz servings using an ice tray (I picked mine up from Target when they were closing down for 50 cents).  I place the tray into the freezer to let the puree set for at least 5 hours but it is better if you can leave it overnight.

pear (7)

pear (1)

The next morning, I take the tray out and leave it on my cutting board for a few minutes to thaw before popping out the individual cubes.  I get a zip-lock bag, and using a sharpie write down what it is along with the date and portion size.

pear (2)

I usually add a cube of fruit to baby Z’s cereal in the morning or serve it to him just on it’s own.  I love that there is no extra sugar added and the fact that they are so notorious!  They are packed with fiber, anti-oxidants, vitamin B2, C, copper and potassium.  Another cool thing about pears is that they are the least allergenic of all fruits so you don’t have to be worried when serving it to baby 🙂 .

Well I hope that you’ll try this recipe out, and it’s not just for little ones, I’ve even just grabbed a spoon and had a few tablespoons for a snack!  Not only does it taste good but it is also low in calories! 😀

If you haven’t read my post on how I make baby Z’s cereal at home, click here to check it out.  Also, if there’s a recipe that you think I should try with Z, let me know in the comments sections below!

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